elf face soothing serum


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For what this contains and how smooth and hydrated it leaves skin feeling, Soothing Serum isn’t a product to look past due to its questionably low price. For the money, it’s a fairly impressive formula that contains some stalwart hydrating ingredients alongside non-fragrant plant oils and plant-derived antioxidants—and no added fragrance, which is always to skin’s benefit!

The lightweight lotion texture is closer to a moisturizer than a serum, and isn’t as loaded with the types of ingredients (particularly cell-communicating and repairing) found in today’s best serums, but then again, Soothing Serum costs considerably less!

Best for normal to slightly dry or combination skin, Soothing Serum does contain a tiny amount of a soothing plant extract from the chamomile family. A greater amount of such ingredients plus a few other anti-aging ingredients would’ve earned this a higher rating, but for what it costs this formula is nothing to scoff at!